The Ultimate Family Beach Trip Packing List

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The Essential Family Beach Trip Packing List

Coming up with a family beach trip packing list can be a bit challenging especially when you have kids. I remember the pre-children era when all I had to do was grab a towel, a beach chair, a beach umbrella, a little cooler with adult beverages, snacks and voila - DONE! To the beach I went. 

family beach trip packing list

Ha! Those days are long GONE! Not that it's a bad thing but definitely more work involved compared to the way it used to be. 

The family beach trip packing list needs to include some important items such as a change of clothes for each child and adult. That's for two reasons. First, I don't care to have my car all wet from their wet bathings suits. Secondly, we often go get a bite to eat at a restaurant and generally restaurants and wet clothes don't mix very well. I also always have a book and a water cooler

So Why Do You Need A Beach Day Trip Checklist?

Maybe you are one of those moms who have it all together. You remember everything, always have all of the necessary items organized in one section and never forget anything. And if that's the case all I have to say is "that must be nice"!  And that's because I'm so not that mom in any way, shape or form. 

beach trip packing list

As a matter of fact; I live life by the seat of my pants. I'm actually lucky that my kids seem to be doing great considering that well...I'm not that well put together. Just ask my friends if you don't believe me. 

So it's not unusual for me to head to the beach without water or a towel or an umbrella...And that is why I NEED A BEACH DAY LIST! Simple as that!

What Are The Must Have's For A Beach Trip Packing List?

Some of the items are pretty basic. I bring one large towel for each family member, especially for each child or I can expect chaos. It can be 110 degrees at the beach but when the kids get out of the water it's suddenly freezing and they each need the largest beach towel we have. 

Beach chairs, usually for my husband and I even though the kids are always trying to steal ours so I really should bite the bullet and buy one for each child. Of course, a beach umbrella is a necessity for me. I love the heat and sun but it can get way too hot in Florida so the shade always makes me happier.

What Else Do You Need To Include On Your Beach Day List?

  • An organic sunscreen and hats for sun protection. 
  • A cooler filled with food such as sandwiches, cut up fruits & vegetables AND adult beverages. 🙂
  • A water cooler with lots of water and ice in it.
  • Beach toys for the kids to play on the sand.
  • Toys such as football, soccer ball, body surfing board and skin board. 
  • A beach tent.
  • Water shoes for the kids and adults.
  • A fish net.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A beach bag and waterproof mobile phone protector bag.  
  • Sunhat for the kids.

Am I forgetting anything important? Drop me a line and let me know. 

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