When Is The Ringling Museum’s Free Admission Day?

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When Is The Ringling Museum's Free Admission Day?

I just love that every Monday is the Ringling Museum's free admission day. It is great being able to attend these amazing exhibitions such as the Ringling Museum of Arts for free. Unfortunately, a few of the exhibitions are not free of charge but the Ringling Museum Free Mondays are still totally worh it! 

Is The Ringling Museum's Miniature Circus Exhibition Free?

Sadly the answer is "no" and it's a bummer especially since my kids always want to check it out.

I totally understand where my children are coming from since it's an amazingly cool exhibition for all ages. It celebrates Sarasota's circus history which is quite impressive. The details are extraordinary and it always amazes me.

How can anyone have that much patience to build thousands of miniature characters? Oh! The patience required....

 The good news is that kids only pay $5 to get in on Mondays which is a pretty good deal. So even though we don't go all the time we can still manage to go once in awhile without breaking the bank. 

Miniature Circus Ringling Museum

For Those With Kids - Is The Playground At The Ringling Museum Worth The Trouble?

It is so worth it! The playground at the Ringling Museum is awesome even if you have to walk quite a bit from the parking lot there. Really! Anyone can enter the playground (and grounds of the museum) for free any day of the week. My kids love going there and I don't blame them. The playground has these really cool unique structures where kids can climb and explore. There are also plenty of trees providing shade for when the weather gets warmer. 

Playground Ringling Museum

Kids of all ages have fun. For instance, the local teen homeschooling group met today and they had a blast just like the younger ones did. With all of the swings, trees to climb, slides and other climbing features I could say that the playground at the Ringling Museum is up there on the list of cool playgrounds in the area.


Playground At The Ringling Museum

A must visit especially since it's free. All you need to do is tell the staff at the entrance that you will be visiting the grounds. They will welcome you in - no questions asked! 

Exploring The Ringling Museum Art Exhibition

On Mondays the art exhibitions are free. It's a great opportunity to explore the art galleries and much of what the Ringling Museum has to offer. Even the kids enjoy such experience. Even though they may not spend too much time appreciating a piece of art they do look at it with a critical eye. I always try to ask some related questions to get their thinking cap on. 


Ringling Museum Free Day

Sometimes I bring an art kit so they can sketch their favorite paintings. It gives them an opportunity to do something a little different and to practice their artistic skills.

Ca'd'Zan Mansion

Ringling Museum's Free Admission

Breathtaking but not free on the Ringling Museum's free admission day. Boohoo. Even though we love touring the inside of this spectacular 56 room mansion we don't end up doing it too often. At least not the inside.


Free Admission Ringling Museum

Luckily the exterior of the mansion is gorgeous and since the Ringling Museum grounds are free to the public it works out well. The view is breathtaking and so romantic. I guess that explains why we have seen quite a few weddings taking place at that location. Don't miss it! You will love it. I promise. 

Exploring The Ringling Museum Grounds

The Ringling Museum Grounds consist of 66 acres of lush plants and trees. Strolling around the premises leads to a fantastic experience of body, mind and spirit. It is relaxing, entertaining and the kids get to run around and around.

Being able to walk around for free any day of the week is such a treat. I always make sure that we have a good pair of walking shoes when we intend to stay for awhile. And I often bring a backpack cooler so we can have a picnic lunch and/or snacks and always, always our favorite water bottle

There are picnic tables at the playground so we usually just end up there where the kids get to play while eating. Fun for the kids and a little relaxation for mom.

The Ringling Museum Grounds
Ringling Brothers Sarasota FL

The Ringling Museum Rose Garden

Even though there is so much to see at The Ringling Museum Grounds depending on the time of the year the Rose Garden is worth a visit. 

As with the rest of The Ringling Museum Grounds; the rose garden is also for free. With numerous species of roses it is worth taking a stroll around the garden. Depending on the time of the year you will see beautiful, colorful roses everywhere. 

the ringling museum rose garden
Ringling Museum Free Day

If you are in Sarasota on Mondays it makes sense to take advantage of the Ringling Museum's Free Admission Day. Why not save a few bucks and go out for a nice dinner instead? 

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