Kids Hiking Gear | What Do You Need?

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Kids Hiking Gear

kids hiking gear
kids hiking gear
things to do with kids in sarasota

I immediately started to think of kids hiking gear when I woke up this morning. As soon as I opened my eyes I was ready  to start planning a fun filled nature day trip.

Today's hiking adventure was to beautiful Myakka State Park, Sarasota FL which is only about 40 minutes away from where we live. That meant that we didn't need to bring that much with us. However, I always try to bring lots of snacks. The more snacks and water we have the better the hike! It seems like the kids are always hungry so it's better to err on the side of caution. After all, you don't want to have to cut your nature outing short because the kids are hungry or thirsty! I have had that happen more times than I care to admit. 


Best Hiking Backpack For Kids

Since this was a short hike we didn't need much as far as kids hiking gear goes. The one essential item we took was a Christmas gift given to me by my kids. It's an insulated backpack cooler which is awesome! Since we are New England Patriots fans ours has the Pats logo on it but if you are not a Pats fan like we are there are many other ones to choose from.

I happen to love the one I have. It's stylish,  lightweight which means that the kids can also help carry and it has different compartments. These compartments are where  I had my keys, phone and map. I knew exactly which compartment had what items so I didn't t have to take time searching for it.

I also love the look of it. It is the best hiking backpack for kids I have found so far!

Of course, there were a few items inside it. Besides my phone and car keys I had two of my very favorite water bottles ever! I also had some healthy snacks such as apple slices and carrots with peanut butter.

An insulated cooler is great especially when hiking during the summer or in Florida when it's usually hot. Of course, there is always the option of having a regular, non-insulated backpack such as the one we used when we went to Disney World

kids hiking gear

Best Hiking Boots for Kids

Aside from these few items I had to make sure the kids had proper hiking shoes - very important!!

This was a fairly short hike so they just wore their sneakers. However,  I do have in mind to purchase one of the Keen hiking shoes in the future especially for the longer hikes we will be doing.

There are so many styles out there but the age of my children and the amount of support I think they need will help me decide what works best for each of them. I know that my children usually have a preference in what they like to wear. One prefers sneakers and the other one sandals. I'm sure that will be the case with hiking shoes. 

I will do anything in order to avoid drama along the way so even if these are a little pricey I think the right shoes are worth spending a few extra bucks on.

The last thing I want on my nature hike is to hear my kids complaining instead of the birds chirping!  

A Few More Recommended Items & Kids Hiking Gear:

  • A sunhat to protect them from the sun.
  • A natural, preferably organic Sunscreen.
  • Insect Repellent or Mosquito Repellant Bracelets (I haven't tried these before but I'm going to). They seem awesome and have great reviews!
  • Maps of the area if available. Both of my kids just love being the leader and they do so by following the maps. The only down side is that they have to take turns since there is often some bickering on who will be the leader.
  • If you are looking for birds it's always fun to bring binoculars and a regional bird guide. That also applies for insects and fauna. That is always a great asset to any hiking trip especially if you want to add an educational component to the hike.
  • It's always good to bring some band-aids and Arnica along. You never know when there will be some unexpected boo-boos. There is usually some sort of bug bite and/or scratches.

And last but not least.....

Have An Awesome Time! There Is Nothing More Enjoyable Than Being In Nature!

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