Where Can You Find Hundreds Of Alligators In Sarasota, FL?

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Seeing Lots of Alligators In Sarasota, FL

We have found a place where we see hundreds of alligators in Sarasota, FL. It's fairly easy to see alligators in FL. We have seen quite a few in the past five years that we have lived here but I had never, ever seen what I saw at Myakka State Park -Sarasota, FL. 

The first time we  entered the park we were captivated by it's beauty. The flora and fauna were stunning and the sound of the birds chirping just added more bliss to our experience. The overall feeling was of peace and tranqulity. Then we reached the bridge.

We could see people standing over looking down into the river so we decided to park on the side of the road and started to walk to the bridge

myakka state park airboat

That's when I froze with fear. There were these huge alligators calmly swimming while people were kayaking and canoeing down the river. WHAT??? I spent most of my life living in New England and I would NEVER, EVER have imagined people sharing space with alligators while on a device which could easily capsize. 

Canoeing & Kayaking At Myakka State Park

As I observed these adventurers (at least that's how I saw them) I noticed one of the park rangers answering some questions. So I just had to approach him. "People really go kayaking at Myakka State Park with alligators?" I asked.

He went on to explain that the alligators don't bother anyone. If anything they stay away from people unless they are provoked or fed by humans which by the way leads to a big, hefty fine for those who break that law. 

I expressed my thoughts which were not of much interest to him and proceeded with our exploration.

Kayaking Myakka State Park

Myakka State Park Airboat Tour Ride

As we continued our drive we came across this huge lake where they offer airboat rides. Since we had never been on an airboat before we decided to try it out. 

Experiencing a Myakka State Park Airboat ride is a lot of fun for everyone especially for the kids. Once again we saw some alligators, lots of birds and beautiful scenery.

In addition, we got some explanation about the park and all it has to offer. It's totally worth the small fee especially for those with kids who are interested in using the experience as an educational field trip. 

A Scary Story About My Daughter and Alligators at Myakka State River Park

The second time we went to Myakka State River Park they had a section which is now closed off. It was a narrow strip of concrete about 8-10 feet wide with water on both sides. Many visitors would gather and fish as well as take photos and observe the wildlife.

That day I was with my mom and the kids. My daughter, who loved alligator toys,  was 6 years old. She was running a bit ahead of us into the strip of concrete. 

I suddenly heard people raising their voices at her and I saw this HUGE alligator facing my daughter. The alligator did not even move but my daughter was about 4 feet away from it's head. OMG! I almost had a heart attack!

It was a very scary moment for this mama! Since then they have closed off that section; not because of the alligators but because of the erosion occurring in certain sections. I don't know if they will open that section again but that memory of my daughter being face to face with an enormous alligator will always remain with me. 

So Where Are The Hundreds of Alligators In Sarasota, FL?

Right around the area where mama almost had a heart attack you will see hundreds of alligators swimming and sunbathing on the shore.

It's pretty amazing seeing these spectacular, magnificent reptiles gathered in one section of the park. I suggest you bring a pair of  binoculars so you get to see them closely. We didn't so we missed out on some of the details. Since they are at a distance you will definitely benefit from having a pair to use. 

Also, as mentioned earlier never, ever feed an alligator. We don't want alligators associating humans with food. That's when they become dangerous. 

So next time you want to see lots of alligators in Sarasota, FL make sure you head to Myakka State River Park. You will be fascinated with all of these amazing, scary looking but fascinating reptiles. Maybe you will even be adventurous enough and go kayaking and conoeing by their side. As much as I love a little bit of adrenalin being so close to an alligator is just not my cup of tea. Is it yours?

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