It’s Time To Be Adventurous! The Best Water Sports For Kids Ever!

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Let's Talk About Water Sports For Kids!

It's almost impossible to go to our favorite beach without seeing some water sports for kids and for adults.  Those four words - kids and water fun - just go together. I have never seen a child who does not enjoy playing in the water; especially in Florida where the water temperature is usually nice and comfortable. Unlike New England where even if it's the middle of August your body gets numb every time you enter the ocean. Yuck! So not for me! 

Needless to say kids and water sports tend to be a pretty good combination. And luckily for us we can find lots and lots of fun, exciting, adventurous and safe water sports for kids and us parents as well. 

In a hurry? A natural, safe sunscreen for the entire family is always a must! Can't forget to bring lots of it along since you will probably have to keep re-applying it as recommended. 

Take A Look At The Water Sports List

Water Tubing In Florida - Exciting!

About four years ago we went tubing in the ocean. A friend of ours invited us to go on his boat along with his daughter. My kids had a great time with the exception of one little incident. At one point he went way too fast and the three kids flew out of the tube doing a big splash in the ocean. 

water tubing in florida

Of course, all the kids were wearing lifejackets and no one was hurt but my daughter was not happy. She hated being in the middle of the Gulf while the boat returned to get her. I'm sure she also got a little scared being thrown out of the tube! My poor baby! That was the end of that adventure; at least for that day. I don't recommend high speed tubing especially with the younger children. 

Parasailing - Kids and Water Fun!

If your child is 6 and older this is one of the greatest water sports for kids. I know that in the Gulf  of Mexico dolphins and manatees are often seen. That's double the awesomeness. Not only do the kids get this great feeling of safely flying close to the clouds but they also get to see some really cool wildlife! Don't forget to bring your waterproof or disposable cameras! I know that most places don't allow regular cameras for obvious reasons.  Those are photos you don't want to miss out on. 

A couple of years ago we decided to find a place that did jet ski rentals in Florida. We rented two jet skis and headed to the clear blue waterway. Even though my kids were younger at the time they had a great time. The boys were on one jet ski and the girls on the other. As usual the boys wanted to race but mama is usually pretty careful so not much of that happened. 

water sports for kids

What did happen was that we got stuck on a sand bar. That is not that uncommon in the area but it did become stressful. Being stuck where it seems to be the middle of nowhere is not fun and those things are - HEAVY! Luckily my husband got out of his jet ski and helped push mine away from the sand bar. So make sure you keep that in mind if you ever decide to take on this mini adventure. 

Finding The Best Kayak for Kids - Location, Location, Location!

In the past I wrote about the best kayaking in Bradenton, FL but the truth is that there are many places around Florida which are fabulous! Anyway, I am a fan of kayaking and if you can find a great place to take the kids kayaking they will certainly have a fun time. 

What is considered to be the best places to go kayaking with kids? The answer is: a place where kids get to see lots of wildlife! My children love all kinds of animals so having them kayak in a place where they can see birds, fish, stingrays, dolphins and manatees is ideal. Chances are you won't see all of these animals on the same day though. That would be rare.

Before choosing where I will be kayaking I tend to do some research on the best times and places to see sea life. That will increases our chances of seeing some interesting creatures. 

fun water activities for kids

These are some of my family's favorites but there are other ones that kids always enjoy. Amongst them being bodyboarding, surfing and snorkeling. What would you say are some of the best water sports for kids? Do yours kids have a preference?

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