One Of The Best Kayaking In Bradenton, FL

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Kayaking In Bradenton, FL

One of my favorite places to go kayaking in Bradenton, FL is Robinson's Preserve. I LOVE going there with the kids. We always have the best time kayaking and exploring.

Robinson Nature Preserve is one of those gems that not many people know about. It's a spectacular place to explore wether you are kayaking, walking, jogging or riding your bike. Plus you are not too far away from Sarasota which tends to be a more popular destination than Bradenton. 

If you are kayaking and you don't have your own kayak you will notice a rental truck called Kayak Jacks as soon as you enter the parking lot.

This company is at the premises 7 days a week and offers kayak rental equipment 3 times a day at 8am, 10am and noon.

You can choose the best time for you but I suggest the 8am option since (I'm sure you know) it can get very, very hot in Florida. You also have the option to choose how long you would like to keep the kayak for. 

kayaking in bradenton fl
kayaking bradenton fl

This makes the experience super convenient. You don't have to worry about getting the kayak to the water yourself nor bringing all of the equipment necessary in order for you to have a safe and enjoyable trip. 

The company will get you settled and off you will go. As you kayak you will see fish jumping, beautiful local birds and wildlife. The scenery is fabulous and you will certainly enjoy the peaceful, calming experience. 

There Is So Much To Do At Robinson Nature Preserve, Bradenton!

There is so much to do at Robinson Nature Preserve, Bradenton. If you are not exhausted after your kayaking adventure you can take some time and walk around the preserve and truly explore the area.

There is an awesome tower with a beautiful view of the preserve. It's not very high so you don't have to worry about it being a strenuous hike up to the top. 

robinson preserve bradenton

When we go as a family I sometimes bring a nature guide so we can take a closer look at the trees, flowers and plants. The kids have fun trying to identify the plants and searching for their favorites. 

Depending on how far you walk you will end up reaching the Gulf. There is lots of vegetation and a beautiful view when you get to the water. You may want to have a snack or a picnic with some of the items you may have brought. I usually carry my insulated cooler backpack with sandwiches and lots of water to drink. 

One Of The Best Florida Bicycle Trails

As you explore you will see quite a few individuals riding their bicycles around. That's because even though Florida has thousands of amazing bicycle trails; Robinson Preserve happens to be one of them.

You will notice different types of terrain. You may be on a wooden bridge, on dirt or even on asphalt at times. However, from my experience the ride is always a smooth and pleasant one. 

florida bicycle trails
florida bicycle trails

It's impossible to choose my favorite outdoor experience in Florida. There are just too many! However, Robinson Nature Preserve is definitely up there on my list.  Not only as one of the top locations for kayaking in Bradenton, FL but also as a truly beautiful nature experience. 

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