Have You Been To The Best Family Beach USA?

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Have You Been To The Best Family Beach USA?

What is the best family beach USA? There are so many beautiful, amazing beaches in the USA so it's not easy to make such a claim. I may also be a little biased on this one since this beach happens to be 5 miles from where I live and the beach that I have created amazing family memories at. 

best family beach in the USA

The thing is that I'm not the only one making this claim. Tripadvisor and Dr. Beach have named Siesta Key Beach the number one beach USA. Yes! I'm not the only one to say that Siesta Key is a true gem. 

About Siesta Key Beach

There are endless possibilities when visiting Siesta Key Beach. Families can enjoy a shaded playground, picnic tables with grills, concession stands and restrooms.

In addition, if you are into adventure you can go parasailing, fishing, snorkeling, boating, kayaking and paddle boarding. 

Oh! And if you are lucky you may get to see some cool wild life. Dolphins often swim not too far from the beach. I have personally seen stingrays while paddle boarding and have heard about manatees being on the beach. How cool is that! 

One of The Most Spectacular Clear Water Beaches USA

The combination of 99% quartz white sand, blue skies, breezy 75 degree days during the winter months and extraordinary sunsets make Siesta Key Beach one of the most spectacular clear water beaches USA. Wether you choose to just relax and read a book or do the numerous activities available; I guarantee your family will fall in love with this beach. 

There is a reason why thousands of families flock to Sarasota every year. Unfortunately it comes with a small price.  

Siesta Key Beach Parking

So that brings us to the not so perfect aspect of Siesta Key Beach parking. Yes, they did a recent expansion of the parking lot which did improve things by quite a bit. However, with the number of people discovering this paradise parking is still an issue.

Depending on the day and time you may have to drive for a little while trying to find a spot. It's a pain when everyone is really excited to get in the water but what can we do? I guess there is always Uber or SCAT (Sarasota County Area Transit) if you are so inclined. 

If  you do end up driving you may want to see if you have better luck at one of the "access entrances". The parking lots are much smaller but the actual beach is not as crowded and just as perfect as the main one.

The downside? No food court. No restrooms. No lifeguards. No showers. I know, that can be a downer for a family with young kids. It wouldn't be fun having to drive or walk to the main beach in case of a bathroom emergency for your 5 year! I can relate to that one!

It's All About Family Fun

We have a tradition in our family. Since we love to play football or soccer on the beach we always do that when we go. The beach is so long and wide that we have plenty of space to play around and have some bonding time and exercise too. Keep in mind that there is usually a nice breeze so flying a kite can be a fun experience. 

best family beach florida

Unless there is a storm or something unusual going on you will find that the ocean at Siesta Key Beach is perfect for families. The water is usually calm so the parents don't have to worry much about their kids. There are also lifeguards so you can relax even more. On the other hand, on those windy days you may find small waves that are awesome if you have a bodyboard. 

Another awesome experience is the drum circle in Siesta Key. This event happens at the main beach every Sunday one hour before sunset. It's a really cool experience with everyone having the opportunity to dance inside the circle to the drums or to sit around the circle and watch all of the activity going on. This is an event not to be missed if you are around on a Sunday. 

And More Fun....

If you happen to be visiting during the summer the Siesta Key Beach Run is a lot of fun for the kids and for those adults that are into running. Every Tuesday runners meet at the beach for a one mile fun run. The kids are the first ones to run followed by the adults. My kids always have a blast especially since they get free popsicles after they run. What a treat! 

Siesta Key Beach Run

Another possible activity when you get to the main beach is the Siesta Key Beach Volleyball. There are a few volleyball nets around so if you are a fan you should be able to easily find someone to hit the ball around with. Oh! And don't forget the tennis courts located by the main parking lot! 

When you are done playing at this awesome beach make sure you head to Siesta Key Village which is a short drive North of the beach. A cold beer and delicious food will be waiting for you. 

As you can see Siesta Key is the best family beach USA. It has everything a family needs to have an unforgettable time. Before heading there make sure you check out our family beach trip packing list so you don't forget any important items.  Let me know when you get there.  What do you think? Do you agree that Siesta Key Beach is the best beach? 

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